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White On Black Crime: Homeless Woman shot dead by White Devil because she asked for some change

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
21 Nov 2019

A 31-year-old homeless woman in Rio de Janeiro was shot dead just seconds after she asked a man if he could spare 25 cents so that she could buy bread.

A surveillance camera recorded the moment Zilda Henrique dos Santos Leandro was walking in the middle of the street and attempted to get the attention of Aderbal Ramos de Castro on Saturday morning.

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SelaSoul 4 months ago

Pale yellow spaniard needs to meet trump. I hope Trump send troops to the border to eliminate the Mutt.

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SelaSoul 4 months ago

Build that wall.

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mickybricks 4 months ago

This Crakkka needs a good Shanking up in that jail

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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 4 months ago

Fucking cave devil!

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Cheesy 4 months ago

This must be for organ harvesting because the circumstances don't make sense. Who shoots someone over 40c/25 cents?

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lazmor 4 months ago

IT aint harvesting. the mfs know there are no consequences , or just a lack of caring for anything black

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