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Jada Pinkett Smith let Jaden Smith move out the house at age 15. WHAT?!

Delightful Baby
Published on 13 Jun 2018 / In Entertainment

Jada Pinkett Smith recalled that heartbreaking day when son Jaden Smith chose to move out of their family home at age 15.
But for Jaden, raised by famous parents Jada and Will Smith, he said he most needed to get out of the Hollywood bubble.

“It just makes you appreciate being at home, being with your parents, spending quality time with your family,” he said about moving out. “You get out into the world and you just understand things.”

FULL EPISODE( Red Table Talk "Growing Up Smith!")
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potechi 4 months ago

If they can 100% work at a job that isn't retail and have a career path lined up then I don't mind this at all. On the other hand, if they're still taking money from the parents then this is irresponsible all the way around.

I hope Will Smith has some kind of control over this

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