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Mississippi River Flooding Causes Breakdown in River Traffic.mp4


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MemphisHomegirl 1 year ago

Ark and Ms crops GONE. Nvr seen anything like this here. Even the temps are different. 56 degrees in June? In Memphis? Fr? Def going to stock up both from my garden and grocery store. All that water going straight to the gulf. The pollution that water is carrying fro these dif places is going to devastate the marine life in the gulf. No oxygen in polluted water. Nothing to sustain. This is the biggest hypoxic zone we have so far. Louisiana is right smack in the middle of it. Smh.

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BConscience 1 year ago

Yah's sending a message.

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1 year ago

Water IS a very powerful thing and the Pinkertons are too stupid to realize things DO change and that goes double for this River. They don't call her #TheMightyMississippi for nothing.

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LeeMay 1 year ago

The Haze Of Our Lives "X": Well said.

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