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Toeknee Tee - Rhein Rulers (Prod. by herb.sun and buck.fitches)

Toeknee Tee TV
Toeknee Tee TV
02 Apr 2019

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Asteroid ain’t nun to get my rocks off and my crew attitude like pringles how they pop off
So manialistic rhymes mimic ballistics
Coming at u live and direct come get this hitstick

Move up to madden my chest these meisjes grabbing
Know if that girl ain’t fine n single
Sexual harassment
but Ain’t no popo callin just back will be fallin
Won’t respond to DMs you DQ’d in prelims

an Old ladyfriend hit me today
Askin y I’m versing bout all the women I play
I said this ain’t no playground they all know I get down
Why else would they only hit me when I am in town

What it do Buck fitches on the beat
Cloudy is the air so we stuck up on our seat
Rhein rulers in the lab, steady at the mixing
Toeknee tee and herbsun get the bodies shifting x2

At night I go from Kleve to nijmegen
Won't tell you the route that I'm taken

Cus I'm Jukin n jivin
Just doin my thang
King of Holland Bitch watch me reign

Catch me on the track put Columbus on the map
Country and I’m thuggin, hella women I attract
Long way from home but my biz I handle that
Won’t catch me slipping on the ave I’m clapping back and that’s a fact.

Overzelous ya homey looking jealous
It ain’t my fault I rule the Rhein with acapellas
It ain’t my fault my voice makes meisjes wetter
im on my berg saying hi to all my haters

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