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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Fuck Mitch and his Chink Zipper Head Wife

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LeeMay 8 months ago

McConnell looked and sounded like an absolute fool. Don't even know history. "Because Obama was elected president." Yes, HALF WHITE Obama was elected and HE did absolutely nothing for Black people. No point made there. These fools act like slavery is over, it is not. It is still in existence today. The 13th amendment embraces slavery and we all know it targets Black people, as evidenced by mass incarceration which is nothing but slavery. I am astounded at their focus which is to immediately denounce reparations rather simply than follow up on what their ANCESTORS forefathers failed to do. Reparations was constantly issued to us and then taken away from us (Andrew Johnson and others), even given to slave holders. So we never received any reparations at all. That means historically it was agreed upon that we should have reparations otherwise why issue it initially then take it away. GET OUT OF HERE

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PoliticalKimWOYM 8 months ago

There was another turtle back in the cartoons when I was a child. Twistle Twasstle Twittle Tone, time for this one to go home. Can't remember the name, I think ir was Yertle the turtle. Let me google and see... got it. Tooter the Turtle" on the "Mr. Wizard cartoons 1960-1961. Mitch looks just like him.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 8 months ago

LMBO... lol!! OMG ... That heathen looks just like that cartoon character.

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