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Justin Fairfax allegations

13 Feb 2019

The Justin Fairfax scandal is prevalent right now in order to distract the public from Northam's corruption ????????. Dont get it twisted #Northam #Virginia #resign #stepdown #distractions

RICHMOND, Va. — One afternoon in the early 1990s, a middle-schooler showed up at Frank E. Emory Jr.’s law office in Charlotte, sent there by an aunt who knew Mr. Emory from church. The child, in town visiting relatives, wanted to hear about the law. He had plans.
“He said, ‘I’m going to run for office,’” Mr. Emory recalled. “‘I am going to be a leader. I believe that I have something to offer.’”
Ever since that meeting, Justin Fairfax has been carrying out his plan, steadily and doggedly, becoming lieutenant governor of Virginia by age 38. It had been a starry run — Duke University, presidental campaigns, Columbia Law School, a United States attorney’s office. Then, days ago, Mr. Fairfax was on the cusp of becoming Virginia’s next governor, the second black governor in Virginia history, as Gov. Ralph Northam reeled from a scandal over a racist yearbook picture.
But Mr. Fairfax’s ever-upward career trajectory suddenly took a sharp turn. Two women have come forward with detailed allegations that he sexually assaulted them, one in a fraternity house at Duke University in 2000 and the other in a hotel room at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

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