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I really need you all's support right now.

14 Feb 2020

I NEED YALL TO HELP ME HELP THIS BROTHER. I've Been Following Him For About A Year On YouTube. He Lives In Sheaves port Louisiana.. He A Hard Working Single Black Father Of A 9 Year Old Beautiful, Intelligent, Healthy Black Son. He's Been Unable To Work Because Of The Weather In His Region. He's A House Painter, Landscaper, And Does Inside Carpentry Work.. He's Now Extremely Ill And Needs Help.. He 100% Righteous.. He's Just Too Suborn To Ask For Help. But Now He Needs It.. I Was Hoping Our People Can Show Him We Support Single Black Fathers.. Especially Us Black Men.. Because We KNOW As Single Black Fathers NO ONE HAS OUR BACKS.. Can My Brothers PLEASE Send The Brother Just A Couple Of Buck To Help Him And His Son Through The Rough Period In Their Lives..

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