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The Alleged Killing of Twins and Mary Slessor Hoax_LE(2)


The Alleged Killing of Twins and Mary Slessor Hoax_LE(2)

The Alleged Killing of Twins and Mary Slessor Hoax(1) is the limited version of our video to debunk the slave masters' lies that claims that Negroes in the Lower Niger killed twins and their mother. The story was taught to suggest that before the coming of the Europeans and that a lady in her twenties called Mary came and stopped it.

This is included in the academic curriculum such that children are taught this in the early stage that twins were being killed along with their mother until someone Scottish lady called Mary Slessor came and stopped it.

We also looked at the present day lie that suggests the Nigerian army and the Armies in the sub-region were protecting anybody when they were actually the slave hunters of old repackaged same way the slave trade was repackaged in Colonialism.
We also looked at the case of a Refugee in Turkey employed by the Slave hunters of old to help them sabotage the Freedom Struggle of Biafra and by extension Ambazonia and how they arranged a Turkish Deportation. Remember that the British mainly the English were suppliers of Negro slaves to Turkey as well as Persia during the slave trade.

Please note that aside from Youtube censorship we are on Patreon to reduce the distraction from the descendants of the slave hunters as they appear to watch our videos more than the Negroes and other victims for whom the videos are made.

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For those that have supported us, we say thank you
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For those that have supported us, we say thank you

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