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03 Feb 2021


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JenniferLeeAyres 5 months ago

Just watch his body language during the interview part regarding Covid. This guy is guilty. He knows exactly what he is doing.

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HistoriCUSS 7 months ago

Protect your self.

"We're faced with a very serious situation in this generation. There are insane people who wish to rule the world. They wish to continue to rule the world on violence and repression and we are all the victims of that violence and repression.

We as the indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere have been resisting this violence and this oppression for 500 years. We know that the black people have been resisting it for that least that long and we know that the white people have had to endure it thousands of years.

And now it's come full swing to this generation that we live in.
Are they not waging nuclear war when they attack the Indian people on their land, militarily attack the Indian people and racistly attack the Indian people so that they can get at the natural resources to feed the radioactive machine? [Just like the wars in Africa today!] That is war! And they are waging it against us.

They bribe Congress. They bribe your elected officials. They terrorize and intimidate your elected officials by getting the FBI to blackmail them. Those are acts of war!

We will have to come to a time in our lifetime...and it will come in our lifetime...when we are going to have to deal with the fact that the enemy has taken over your government. The government is not your ally. The government will use you, chew you up and spit you out. You think that we are wrong? You think that we are talking unrealistically? Then go look at your elders and see what has happened to your elders in your machine age society. See what kind of respect that they get. See what kind of a voice they are allowed into your society, what kind of input they have. See what their final reward of happiness is after working for this slave state for 30 or 40 years and allowing someone else to exploit their labors.

What is racism? Racism is an act of war. Sexism is an act of war. It's a war against our human dignity and our rights to self-respect. This is the war that they wage there. War. They are warlike. And we have to understand that America, the American corporate state, got to where it's at through the acts of war.

The next war you want to worry...you want to think about a war? The next war that you better be concerned about is the one that they're going to fight here...here in the continental United States.

They have fought many wars here. They fought us [Indians] all along see because we said "It's ours and you haven't got a right to it!" and they fought us. Now you all are claiming that it's yours under this illusionary concept of private ownership of property and they're going to fight you...but they're going to call it 'national security' and 'energy crisis'. They're gonna call it 'constitutional rights'. They're going to call it 'judicial proceedings'.

They're going to nationalize...you know your military coup is going to come by...they're going to nationalize the police departments.

That's your military coup...in the name of 'violence', 'rising crime' but all we must do is look in the corporate office and see the rising crime that is taking place there and nobody's going to jail for it. So we got to understand that they are arming themselves to wage a war against us and it's going to be called the war of 'law and order' because they're twisting it around. ***"
- excerpt from a speech by John Trudell (Santee Dakota/Mexica) given at the Black Hills Survival Gathering in 1980... yes... 40 years ago.

Protect yourself and your loved ones. "The government is not your ally." Repeat, "The government is not your ally."

The WHO, CDC, FDA and NIH are lying when they say their vaccines are our only hope. They Lie! Why?

When Covid-19 broke, doctors were scrambling to find something already on the shelves, medicines that have already been fully tested for safety and approved, licensed for use. Would any of them help fight Covid? Is there anything that helps? Vaccines take years to prove safe after they show they are effective. What can we use in the meantime?

As doctors in the field started finding promising medicines, top agencies began threatening them. In the USA the FTC became the club. They threatened any doctor who dared talk about alternatives. Why?

In spite of that corruption at the top some doctors refused to be silenced. One, with street cred, stood up to them. Dr. Paul Marik. Marik is no neighborhood family doctor. He is the head of pulmonary and critical care department at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. As a world renown expert in treating sepsis, the primary killer in covid, he is also the 2nd most published critical care doctor in the world, ever. He has street cred.

Early on, Dr. Marik and his cohorts in other hospitals found that corticosteroids were helpful treating critical covid patients, but the CDC, FDA and NIH cautioned against it. They persisted and were proved right and now their treatment protocol is accepted as the best 'standard of care'.

Months later, they noticed another medicine that was proving beneficial. And not just for those in the ICU but for those with mild symptoms and out-patients at home. Then the evidence kept coming showing this same medicine had prophylactic qualities. It could PREVENT infection of covid-19!

In spite of a mountain of evidence that it works, the CDC, FDA and NIH were telling doctors not to use it. Why?

These doctors went public. In December 2020, they called a press conference to reveal their discoveries and the evidence from around the world. That called the attention of some politicians and a hearing was called for in the US Senate. There, Dr. Pierre Kory laid out the facts and begged the NIH to review the evidence. An embarrassed NIH called for a hearing on the use of the medicine and after which, on January 14, 2021 they formally retracted their recommendation against using IVERMECTIN and took a neutral, "neither for nor against" stance on it.

Now it is up to the doctors to get up to speed and start writing prescriptions for IVERMECTIN. It is an old, fully safety tested, now out of patent medication, used over 4 billion times, safer than aspirin and tylenol and in many counties is available OTC and cost under 20 cents for the typical 2 doses needed. Family of 5 treated for under a dollar. That is why. They can't recognize this medicine that has been proven to work, that could stop the pandemic in 6 weeks or less. That is why.

Follow the dollars. The USA has given billions and billions to Big Pharma to create some new magic pill they can patent. And now they are releasing these UNTESTED vaccines on a confused public without the required long-term safety testing. The vaccines are NOT FDA authorized or licensed. They can't be until they pass long-term safety testing. They are being made available as a test under "emergency" conditions.

Well, the law that allows this premature release of untested new medicines "in an emergency" requires that there be no other alternatives available. Well, there ARE alternatives with already fully tested and proven safe FDA licensed medications and one of those is IVERMECTIN.

Since Ivermectin is safe and effective against Covid-19, it is illegal to mass-innoculate people with these experimental vaccines without full long-term safety testing that is required for all new medicines. That is why they can't allow people to learn about IVERMECTIN and start demanding their doctors write prescriptions for it. It works, so there is no "emergency".

Except the 'emergency' is the corruption of the top authorities, CDC, FDA and NIH and the dereliction of doctors not keeping up with the scientific evidence. If they keep saying, we have nothing for people testing covid-positive or those at high risk to prevent infection, when the clear evidence is to the contrary, that is malpractice on the doctor. Letting people die when the treatment is so simple is negligent homicide, manslaughter and American Indians and African Americans are the most at risk of dying from Covid-19.

"The evidence for effectiveness of ivermectin continues to grow and deserves our attention and action.
Failure to act swiftly on this evidence might begin to look like dereliction of moral responsibility."

Patient report:
"My doctor told me there was absolutely nothing she could prescribe for me and if my lips turned blue or i could not breathe to go to an emergency room."

Dr. Marik:
"This is truly astonishing! In our country there are patients who have SARS-Covid2, who are sick at home, the treatment is nothing! You stay at home and you stay there until you get blue and you have primary involvement! It's an absolute outrage because as we know there are effective early treatments but this appears to be what the standard of care is which obviously we find intolerable."

Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Ivermectin and Vitamin D

Dr. Pierre Kory, Ivermectin, and COVID (Let’s help end the pandemic.)

Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

The evidence:
Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 43 studies

Also: Do Vitamin D3, the sunshine hormone. People with darker skin do not get as much D from the sun, so take supplements!
Vitamin D is effective for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 54 studies

It's up to you. Save yourself. Take back your power!

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Fourth_born_lion 7 months ago

Just a wicked wicked child of HaSatan

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MaryannT23 7 months ago

Bill gates is pure evil.don’t take the bill gates killer vaccine

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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 8 months ago

Edomites, the scum of the earth!

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