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White Man Blocks Black Family From Parking In Their Garage! "You're On My Property"

Sweet Melanin
Sweet Melanin
25 Aug 2018

Jeffrey Smith is being dubbed #PettyPatrick after blocking a black family from parking in their garage and then calling the police. The family was attempting to pull into their narrow garage and inadvertently backed into his parking lot to pull into their own. When he blocked their car from moving the family asked him to move yet he refused and called the police claiming they were trespassing.

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blackme 1 year ago

Run that pig skin into the ground.

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Audlane1 1 year ago

The white beast is breaking the law so let them come.

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7SCAPESINC 1 year ago

This bitch ass nigga says he don’t know what it is is this racism
This bitch ass faggot making excuses with that when he knows exactly what it is

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Blackhitlertv 2 years ago

WHY AR3 BLACK PPL SO SCARED OF WHITE PPL ? I HAVE BEAT UP EASY 10 white ppl... never went to jail , if we don’t push back this will continue...

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Marcus W
Marcus W 2 years ago

Remain calm, MY ASS! I'd have to rip this white motherfucker's face off!

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