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Jason Van Dyke going to prison is not a victory

21 Feb 2019

Jason Van Dyke going to prison is not a victory. I know sound pessimistic but there are millions of cases in this nation of corruption just because one corrupt person goes to jail doesn't solve anything. The ones celebrating this supposed victory are the same ones that would feel like you can win a war because you survived one battle smh???????????????????? #jasonvandyke #chicago #illinois #cesspoolofcorruption #mostcorruptcityinthenation #hypocrites

 A day after learning former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was beaten in a federal prison in Connecticut, his wife demanded to know why he was transferred out of Illinois in the first place, and called on authorities to do a better job of protecting his safety as he serves a nearly 7-year sentence in the murder of Laquan McDonald.
“I cannot and will not stand by somebody hurting my husband,” Tiffany Van Dyke said Thursday morning, flanked by her husband’s attorneys. “We are done being hurt. I’m standing up for my husband right now because he can’t. He cannot stand up for himself and fight anymore.”
“At the end of the day, I want my husband home. I need him to be safe,” she added. “The next time this could happen, they could kill him. I cannot bury my husband.”
Tiffany Van Dyke said she got a call Wednesday that her husband had been attacked at Danbury federal prison in Connecticut. Until then, she said she didn’t even know where her husband was serving his sentence, much less that he’d been transferred out of the Illinois prison system.
“I’m demanding reasons. I’m demanding answers as to why they took my husband from a state facility and put him in a federal facility,” she said. “If they assume and they claim that it’s for his safety, his safety has not been met. They have endangered him greatly.”

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