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Mayor Eric Johnson asks city staff, DPD to develop crime plan

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said the crime rate in the city this year is “patently unacceptable” and is requesting a “comprehensive written plan to reduce violent crime” by the end of the year.

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lazmor 2 months ago

niggas killing niggas again. the only way this works is when the mfs who hide and harbor these mfs the same sentence and make it automatic. Of course you'll have mfs talking about how unfair this is and targeting. But you can't deny the numbers. But the only way this works is like I said . If mammy sister granny cousin is hiding this bastard, throw their ass and their fucking kids in jail like they're doing those mfs at the border. when mfs realize you're for real , these mfs will soon find nowhere to hide, thereby making it easier to catch. And if the mf is a killer or has gun crimes , let the fool know , if you don't come to us , and we have to find you, you may not survive. I know its drastic, but this and other city crime stats when it comes to negroes don't lie.

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