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when black people get fed up with the police.mp4

10 Feb 2020

Within seconds of surrendering, more than a dozen cops swarm the front of the precinct to cuff the gunman, the video shows.

A second video shows the first officer on top of the shooter punch the gunman about a dozen times as cops surround the two and appear to try and cuff him.

I put that part in there to show you the animalistic barbaric tendencies the white cops show. even when the white bitch cop comes she's throwing unnecessary punches, probably beating one of her own.But as you can see, the guy had already surrendered. Now they say this man was upset with the death of his only son, who supposedly accidentally shot himself in the chest in 2018. But also the person whose gun it were wasn't charged. How do you trip and shoot yourself in the chest ? it's possible , but highly unlikely. And this dad knew that his son'e death was swept under the rug for some reason by the nypd. And I suppose everytime he went to ask about progress on the case, he was probably treated like shit and his kids life didn't matter to the police. But this got their attention . And the same lowass police union wants to blame the mayor. No blame your own damned selves. When people are fed the fuck up of real or perceived mistreatment by the police, this is what the fuck they do. So blame yourselves.

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BConscience 2 months ago

A NOTHING burger. U gonna KILL! GDmit KILL! STOP wasting my time.

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