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Dynamics of Power

Black Ambassadors
Black Ambassadors
25 Aug 2019

The Dynamics of Power brings a long needed intellectual African Centered scholarly perspective and discussion to the minds of African People all over. Power is a tool which use can be governed in any shape, form or fashion the yielders so chooses.

Via The Great Dr. Amos Wilson: Clarification of our target which we call "The System" we label it many names from Oppressor/Institutional Racism/ Imperialism.

"I want to bring into the domain of discussion in this community the subject matter of POWER. I want us to addition to studying Black history and Culture to study Power. Its accumulation, its use and application. In the end power does not flow from the genes of white folk. It does not flow from their Ice Age. It flows from the nature of their organizations and the way they have chosen to relate one to the others. And it flows from their intentionality (Euro Centric ideologies/Worldviews) as a people and their appropriate organizations of themselves to realize their intentionality."

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