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TRUTH: My Thoughts on the #Walkaway Movement

Dru Story News
Dru Story News
15 Sep 2018

The #walkaway movement has a robust social media presence and is seemingly effective. Due to the infusion of several prioritized controversial issues and neglect of African American concerns and issues, there really does seem to be a mass exodus away from the Democratic Party. But is this truly an awakening to something better, or simply a transition over to the other wing of the same bird?

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Excellent upload.

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Fedora 1 year ago

Welcome back. ^ U ^

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Dru Story News
Dru Story News 1 year ago

Thank you man. I stepped away for minute for other opportunities as well Youtube issues momentarily but I still tried to post here but it wasn't letting me for some reason. Seems all good now.

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Dangerous Television

The key is to RUNAWAY from democrats and republicans. Neither one has proven to be good for Black folks. Liberals are sneaky and conservatives are war mongers. It becomes which way do you want to be screwed over, cause both do a very good job. Marcus Garvey had the right idea...develop a Black political party with Black interests first.

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