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28 Jul 2020

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The more financial support I receive, the more I will be in the position to prioritize this work. My wish is to make my contributions on Male and Female nature as my main concentration and my life's work. The possibilities are inspiring.

The great vulnerability and the resulting downfall of the male is precisely his superior capacity and need for deep emotions and his need for validation through serving the female and his agency over the female (perceived domination). His greater susceptibility to compassion and romantic response, resulting in often self-immolating, self-defeating, purely emotional (romantic) behavior, exemplified in the tendency to "save a Whore". Once this happens the Whore often bites and devours her savior but only after all that she wants is extracted or extorted from an objectified, dehumanized and disparaged male. The very essence of the male is his capacity and necessity for depth of emotion. The very essence of the female is her incapacity and lack of necessity for deep emotional response. It all comes down to biological imperatives and the two very vastly different biological paths males and females are on.

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