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She sold her soul and want it back

LionnessontheRise Lioness144

They are admitting to this now WAKE UP!!
Think these rappers playing when they say they sold their soul?? So many puppets in the game selling y'all dreams & y'all buying it for cheap. Glorifying drug addicts, fake Gs, strippers & hookers is a mental illness. ????????‍♂️ #Killuminati #StayWoke

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BConscience 11 months ago

DON'T put it on Ur kids. YOU signed the contract.

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sly35965 12 months ago

"Greetings, Ambition...One Of The Soul Destroyer. The Soul Is Priceless, The Soul's Value Is Beyond Physical Desires Share...Thanks."

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12 months ago

She made her just lay in it....Sucking Dick.

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commonman80 12 months ago

Sorry.. The Deal Was Made.. You Don't Get Your Soul Back.. Now You Just Wait Until He Comes To Collect... Yall Don't Need "The Deal"... You'll NEVER BE OUT OF THE CONTRACT FOOL.. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.. Yep...

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