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Stop Blaming Black People - White People ARE To Blame!!!

Everybody Hates Angel

Please make sure you check these videos out, as they will make everything much clearer.
"An Important Message For Black People"

"White People Are Not Human"

"All White People Are Racist "

"White People Exposed"

"Why I Hate white People"

"Black People & The white Savior Complex - "white Is Right"

"White People Are Playing Chess, While Black People Are Playing Checkers"

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Instagram & Twitter: @Angel_IKYG
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sly35965 1 year ago

Greetings, Sisters and Brothers - "Angel, You're On POINT!!"

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laelofficial 1 year ago

This is so true! When I was younger I had a fight with a white girl and a black girl. Years later we eventually became friends. My mom always told me to stay away from the black girl, because what she did in the past was wrong. But with the white girl she had no problem. I and the black girl are still friends to this day. But the white girl???
Why did my mom tell me to stay away from the black girl for doing sth wrong in the past, but it was ok with me and the white girl being friends.

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The Black Exodus Project


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GeeMelanin 1 year ago

Thank you Angel for yet another amazing video. Keep on being you brotha hopefully one day we won't even have to have this conversation with black people. With the mentality some of our people have, it's like they want to be bred out and it's almost as if they are extremely desperate for white approval. I love what Chyna Fox said in one of her old videos, which was "Black Skin isn't enough." you have to show that you're really about black unity and black empowerment. When black people make these type of statements saying "Black people taught me to hate myself" without focusing on the root of the problem, they'd be better off saying that they support white "supremacy". Black with that mindset are the kind of people who wants to live comfortable in white "supremacy" rather than fight to get out it period.

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RefinedbyFyah 1 year ago

Angel brought me to Black Junction

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