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Living In Colombia In The Future

Published on 13 May 2018 / In Travel & Events

Just talking about living in the country if I had money.

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Grapeseed 3 months ago

Good luck with your Columbia adventure. I don't think I would live there. How receptive are the Columbians to African-Americans? I thought about moving to West Africa once I retire. I changed my mind after watching videos of children being beaten and set on fire because someone claimed they were thieves! I never want to walk upon a scene like that. I thought about moving to Canada because the health Care is free, but the cold weather and racism there wouldn't be worth the move. I guess I will stick it out here. Peace and blessings to you.

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gasolinenotes 3 months ago

Thank you.I would like to live there in the future but I would have to make sure that things remain steady politically since part of the FARC haven't gone away. To answer your question on how receptive Colombians are to Black Americans, they are very fond of them.

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