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Was Elijah Muhammad REALLY Malcolm X's 'Teacher'? ????

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Nation of Islam members and/or sympathizers who assert that #ElijahMuhammad was 'greater' than his 'student' #MalcolmX sound as silly as those who would suggest that #RichardWilliams is a 'greater' athlete than his daughters, #Venus and #Serena, simply because he was their first 'tennis teacher'. Or those who might claim that Papa #JoeJackson was a 'greater' performer than his son, #Michael, simply because he was the King of Pop's first 'tutor'. Or that #KeithDambrot is 'greater' than #LeBronJames simply because he coached the future #NBA superstar in high school. And if #Elijah were truly 'greater' than #Malcolm why is the WISDOM and BRILLIANCE that we hear from Malcolm's mouth NOWHERE to be found when Elijah opens his? ????

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