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Generational Conditioning for Negroes(2)

The African Renaissance Channel

Generational Conditioning for Negroes(2)

In this video, we at the Renaissance examined how the Negroes path and journey through life is controlled by the slave masters through the system of Conditioning and Generational Conditioning. We leveraged on the Negro appellation and how the identity of Negroes have always been a source of controversy.

The video tried to examine the term Negroes and how it change was part of the slave masters scheme of conditioning the next generation of Negroes. We examined how the conditioning is done behind the Negroes and leveraged on the latest scheme of Negroes being Indians or aborigine or any other term the slave master concocted.

We also examined how the Negro appellation could have became offensive and racist.

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For those that have supported us, we say thank you


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