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white mfs do the crime,black mfs do the time.mp4

27 Nov 2019

now this presents a bunch of scenarios
1. were these 2 mfs that damned stupid and lax at their job?
2. how much were they paid to look the other way
3. were they promised something later,and take the rap? if so they're fucked if they think a white mf will keep that promise. they'll die like this mf the 1st night in jail.
4. are they the patsies, who will become the face of an inept corrections system. And of course since they're black, that's one more thing /criminal act to pin on black people. (laziness at their jobs).
we'll see. either way they're fucked for life. they'll never work again at any decent job. Anybody with any sense will know if this guy was within earshot of their desk, and they were awake , and they are very sound sleepers, this guy was murdered. And these white bastards talk about jamal khashoggi murdered by the same corrupt as govt system as saudi arabia, and by the same assassins. When the white rich and powerful do crimes , they don't pay. And yet you stupid ass negroes keep thinking that when these poor white bastards do shit to black people they'll pay. Well let me show you the pecking order from the top down.
1. rich white. 2. middle white. 3. poor white. 4. unborn or dead white. 5. asian , hispanic,non amerikan black 6. all black people regardless of class or status.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 9 months ago

The nerve of these no good savage heathens, expecting somebody to protect that bastard that should have been hung a long time ago! This pissed me off so bad I am at a loss for words! ...smh

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lazmor 9 months ago

but they'll look no further and fool all the dumb ass fools who actually want to believe this man hung himself. and the 2 black people will get fucked over and take all the blame

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