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Surviving America (Previews) Album Out Now!!!

Professor Archibald
Professor Archibald
29 Jan 2020

Previews of this 2nd new album! #SurvivingAmerica
Lot of hits coming from this!!! You might wanna purchase this right now: https://bit.ly/2vqyQvz

1. Lost & Confused By Society.
2. The Moors*
3. The Moors pt.2 (Trial & Error)
4. Slave Revolts
5. Finding A Way
6. Surviving America!
7. gentrification (interlude)
8. O.J. 95
9. H.N.I.C
10. Ancestral Background
11. WAKE UP!!!
12. To Be Continued...

Any of you artists, comedians, filmmakers looking get original beats/production work go here: https://bit.ly/3aLMwl3

Follow me: https://twitter.com/archieprofess
#ProfessorArchibald #FBA

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