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Company Selling Demonic Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches For $6.66 On Sunday To 'Own' Conservative C

Above All That Drama

According to the MSCHF website, customers who are dying to get their hands on an authentic Chick-fil-A sandwich on the Lord's Day simply have to sign up on their website to receive a purchase link, which will be sent to them via text on the Sunday they wish to receive their sandwich.Read More: https://www.mashed.com/610603/....this-company-is-sell Disclosure: I’m not a financial advisor. The information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only. Before investing, please consult a licensed professional. Any stock purchases I show on video should not be considered “investment recommendations”. I shall not be held liable for any losses you may incur for investing and trading in the stock market in an attempt to mirror what I do. Investments may decline in value and/or disappear entirely. Please be careful!

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 24 days ago

This is geared towards Negroes and anyone who can't see that is lost in the sauce. These anarchy pink demons saw how, that cursed Popeye's chicken sandwiches, had these empty vessel Negroes fighting, shooting, trying to kill each other and acting a straight up damn fool over a freakin' chicken sandwich. So of course the enemy is gonna use it again and these blind as a bat black people, who are still calling themselves white Jesus Christians are in trouble.

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 24 days ago

We are avoiding this madness all together. I STILL can't tell you how the Popeye chicken sandwich taste because we never got one and dont want one.

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