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Chicago goon picks the wrong 75 year old to carjack and gets smoked on the spot.

06 Jun 2021

This Old School Brother (75 Years Old.) Was Sitting In The Car With His Friend, When This Young Thug Tried To Carjack His Car.. Little Did This Young THUG Know? This Older School Brother (75 Years Old) Is One Of The Brothers Who Wrote The Book On "THE GAME" Back In The Day.. So The Old School Brother Ended The Young Thugs Story. Point Blank Period.. Nuff Said...

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lazmor 5 months ago

i'm laughing my ass off . this fool ran up on the wrong mf. i wonder how many others this bastard did that to. and i'll bet a lot of mfs contributed to a go fund me for the thug

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commonman80 5 months ago

These Kids Don't Understand.. They MUST LEARN To Keep They Narrow Asses At The Kids Table.. Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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