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we're tired we aint fighting for white any more

25 Sep 2021

⁣ harsh language . but its time black people wake up worldwide and pick a side

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 25 days ago

I would do the same thing. #PhuckAmeriKKKa I tell China where everything white is. The water plant is 3 miles that way. Oh the Police chief lives in the heard on Ann Arbor. Yup AmeriKKKa deserves EVERYTHING evil that is about to happen to it. The ONLY black G.I. I know that was able to use that G.I. bill was my very fair skinned grandfather. I dont know not one Dark hue G.I. to apply and get it.

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cforge 25 days ago

You know how we say we have no friends. America has no friends. Lol

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