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We DONT play That: Gay Pride Denied Access In Jamaica.

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
26 Oct 2019

In black nations the european scourge of homosexuality gets DENIED again as koons try to openly flaunt their nastiness but is denied in the latest insidious attempt by white supremacy to gay up the diaspora and depopulate the black race in america and around the world.

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lazmor 7 months ago

this shows the deviousness of the white animal. first they come into africa preaching all this bullshit about their god and what is right and wrong. And when they have gotten enough suckers to swallow that load of crap, and realize that their deviousness has sunk in , then they turn around and totally contradict what they have forced down your throat because other savages like them want to experiment sexually , and that group grows to a bigger political party. in other words gay+politics=$

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