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Copper-Colored Natives Were Only Found In America. The Land Covenanted To Them According To Nephi


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Djatpopular 11 months ago

Just listened to this lesson on the other channel. Thank you for bringing it to our channel.

I have a question perhaps you can answer. Big Judah talks a lot about Elder Ayhual (probably not spelling his name right) do you know if he has a channel?

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LionnessontheRise Lioness144

I do not, but you can vist "Big Judah" Channel and see if there is a link or you can try and send him a comment inquiring about him. And give a little time, He get a lot of comments, he will get back to you, or just put his name in YouTube search and see what comes up!! ALL PRAISES TO YAHUWAH OF ESTEEM IN YAHUSHUA HA MASHACIH OF ESTEEM IN OUR BLESSES RUACH HAKODESH 2244 Liones 144

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