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52 Suicides Reported Since March In Chicago Area

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
26 Apr 2020

The CV-19 shut down has proved detrimental to people around the country and in more severe cases, people have resorted to suicide. In Cook County alone there has been 52 suicides reported since March 2020.

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3 months ago

Interestingly, the face on this article (suicide) is a black or brown person. Notice the over whelming majority of suicides are white, but that's difficult to see when only the yearly total for blacks was mentioned in the body of the article as a larger number than the 33 deaths since March. Although whites totaled 33 since March, the larger number of 82 since Jan 2019 is what people will remember most. In other words, like everything else, suicide is a black issue according to this article. Black suicides, despite being far less than whites, was mention more than any other group. Nationally, however, the black suicide rate is the lowest of all groups (including Asians) below 5.5% verses 14.7% for whites.

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