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Gym Teacher Lindsey Halstead Arrested for Sleeping with Student

Gee Lowery
Gee Lowery
18 May 2019

Gym teacher #LindseyHalstead arrested for sleeping with 16 year old Waterloo High School student.

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commonman80 6 months ago

When I Was In High School? My Homeroom Teacher WAS FINE... She Was About 25 Years Old. About 5 Feet Tall. Had Long Black Hair. And Was A Red Bone.. However? She Was STRICTLY BUSINESS.. She Never Wore Pants. She ALWAYS Wore Skirts Below Her Knees. And? SHE NEVER Showed Any Cleavage..

Not Even A Tiny Bit.. And, She Had Big Breasts.. LOLOL!!! She Was Buttoned Up To The Neck ALL YEAR LONG.. Even Towards The End Of The School Year.. But She Was SO DAMN FINE.. Think Of Hallie Berry But A Little Lighter And With Longer Hair... But That Was Back In The 1970's.. Where YOU NEVER Heard Of Shit Like This Happening. And? Teachers And School Staff?

Were No Joke.. They NEVER TRIED To Be A Students "Friend".. They Made It Clear FROM THE JUMP That They Were The Teachers And We Were The Students.. Point Blank Period.. Now A Days? Teachers Are Hanging Out With Students. Going To Parties With Students. Contacting Students DIRECTLY AT HOME..

Back In The Day? The Only Time A Teacher Would Contact Our Home Was To:
(1) Talk To Your Parents To Find Out Why You Weren't In School That Day.
(2) To Tell Your Parents You FUCKED UP In School That Day.
(3) To Tell Your Parents You Were Doing A Good Job In Class.
(4) To Let Your Parents Know When The Next Parents Teachers Meeting Was.
(5) To Tell Your Parents You Were Suspended. ECT..

But THEY NEVER Talked Directly To You Unless Your Parent(s) Told You To Get On The Other Phone Line.. That Was BEFORE The Speakerphone Was In Every Home.. LOLOLOLOL!!!

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