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Corey Pujols Defends His Honor Against Racist PC Man And He Faces The Consequences

Above All That Drama

A Florida man defended himself against the racial taunts of an elderly PC man when he punched him (later causing the PC man to croak due to a fracture in the skull) and he is now facing felony charges because of it.

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BConscience 2 months ago

Ran across this last night. been PISSED ever since. WTF r WE as foundational males SUPPOSED 2 do? Drop R draws and LET EM "Ass Fuck US" on the spot? Gottn real tired of YT PPL. 2 "Them". Wanna make it RIGHT? Make this case go AWAY. Otherwise, DON'T B look 4 US 2 have Ur back when SHTF!

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 2 months ago

This is a breaking point moment. Total Phuckery Fam.

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