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Hidden Hebrews 2 - Children of Judah

19 May 2019

Hidden Hebrews 2 - Children of Judah
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***Scripture Quote Correction @ 49:20 timestamp. It references Jeremiah 30:10 not Deuteronomy. Thanks!!***
*****Download References Here-
Hidden Hebrews 2 builds on revelations shared within the original Hidden Hebrews video. This release in the series promises to reveal additional undeniable truths of the true Hebrew Israelites. After viewing part two, you will never look at Hebrew Israelites the same.

Please see the following video references if interested. References listed are a subset of a much larger body of work. Enjoy!

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- Picture from..
Lost Tribes A Myth by Doctor Allen Godbey

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A digital collection of African Maps at the Stanford University Libraries
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Africa being an accurate description of the regions of Ægypt, Barbary, Lybia, and Billedulgerid, the land of Negroes, Guinee, Æthiopia and the Abyssines : with all the adjacent islands, either in the Mediterranean, Atlantick, Southern or Oriental Sea, belonging thereunto : with the several denominations fo their coasts, harbors, creeks, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, castles, and villages, their customs, modes and manners, languages, religions and inexhaustible treasure : with their governments and policy, variety of trade and barter : and also of their wonderful plants, beasts, birds and serpents : collected and translated from most authentick authors and augmented with later observations : illustrated with notes and adorn'd with peculiar maps and proper sculptures
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Transatlantic Slave Trade Database

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