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Demonic Neanderthal Becky In Florida Refuses To Pay Black Tow Truck Driver $63 AND? LOLOL!!!

28 May 2019

Neanderthal Demonic Becky Refuses To Pay A Black Tow Truck Driver In Florida $63 Dollars In Fines, Decides To Show Him "Who's In Charge" By Attempting To Drive Off Of The Lift.. The SHE DEMON Causes THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN DAMAGE To Her Brand New Jeep.. AND? Still Has To Pay The $63 Dollars In Fines.. "High IQ"? I'll Let You Decide... LOLOLOL!!!

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 1 year ago

These heathens never learn until it's way too late.

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commonman80 1 year ago

These Are The White Garbage That Floated To America From Cuba Because The CASTRO BROTHERS Said Their White Skin Means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING In The Country Of CUBA.. So They Floated To America On Inner Tubes And Whatever To Get America's White Privilege.. Kind Of Like The Whites In South Africa Are Trying To Do Now.. The Whites In South Africa A BASICALLY BEGGING THE U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT To Allow Them To Come To America.. However? If They Come Here With That Apartheid Mentality? There's Going To Be A Civil War For Sure.. Because I'm Not Taking NO SHIT FROM THOSE MONSTERS.. If The Come And Start Shit? I'm Going To Just ICE THEIR DEMONIC ASSES.. Point Blank Period.. So? Keep An Eye On The News Papers.. Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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