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Abayomi Omoniyi Babatunde**

Kerry-Ann, I have been locked out by fb, youtube from send sharing info with you. But God is good and the gospel of the kingdom must be preached.

I had a dream in which I was in a massive super-structured building a type where the globalist/international bankers or the satanism are trying to house people in the nearest future, for total control over the masses of the world.

China has gone deep down in the mark of the beast technology and France just followed where your face or bio-metric data needs to be accessed for you to use your phone or access internet (mark of the beast).

In the dream I saw on the TV that the masses should start getting the "mark" and instruction was given to lock everybody down where they were. I was taken with some few people, the first person was marked - given the mark of the beast on his hand. Whilst this was going on I said I am not getting the mark of the beast so I escaped and started running. Every gate I got to was locked. I begged 2 ladies not to take the mark and that she should follow me and they did.

Every gate was locked, so I went to the rear of the super structure and lo and behold the security there was about to lock the gate and I asked him to let me help him lock the gate and I escaped and ran for my dear life. Then I saw my wife and told her what's happening and that we have to run....shocked. "she said she is not going anywhere" and I asked where are the kids, she replied went to football.

There were police army everywhere. I determined i need to get to my kids before the govt get to them. I don't know where my car was parked, so I begged a bin collector to help..agreed. I was able to get to the kids in time and disappeared.

The end is in sight as prophesied by prophet Daniel, Ezekiel, and the beloved John in the book of revelation....the Mark of the beast has been employed massively in China and now moving to France. Soon everybody will be locked into getting this mark and if you don't, ..........

That's why it is advisable to repent and accept Yeshua as your Lord and Saviour. Stay out of the churches of men (social clubs), Islam and Judaism. Their centres will be used to give the mark and will encourage their members to take the mark. Those vultures will do anything to maintain their lifestyle and their wifes know those pastors, GO's, Rev etc are all frauds.

Time is ticking....Yeshua is Messiah. To my ABBA Father YeHoVaH and my personal Lord and Saviour Yeshua be all the glory and honour and power for ever and ever. Amen


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