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Bernie Sanders and the Reparations Debate

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
03 Apr 2019

Prof. Adolph Reed and Jacqueline Luqman discuss the ways in which the issue of reparations has become a 2020 campaign issue; should Bernie support reparations?

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4re57said9that 1 year ago

Please sign this petition

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LeeMay 1 year ago

Bernie Sanders can take a flying leap and so can this boule coon house negroe professor. End of story. This is why we cannot get anywhere. He is talking nothing. He need to shut up. What is the issue? PLEASE He believes that dumb act of Bernie's. Everybody got reparations. No one questioned other groups when they received reparations, Polish, Italians, Japanese, Indians, Jews, even slaveholders what did other groups get out of reparations going to these groups. He sound stupid. Recently, reparations were just given to aborginal Australians

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