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16 Mar 2019
Check Out My Visit to the “HBCU Battle of the Brains”
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Top 10 Countries You Shouldn't Visit


Yes we all love to travel, well most of us. While exciting, enticing and fun traveling to certain countries can leave you in dire situations or worse.

10. Yemen
This country iconic for it’s historical sand color buildings with ornate white trim is in a deep humanitarian crisis. Battle wages on between the government and rebel forces which has left the citizens without proper food, water and aid... that they really need. Rampant extortion has taken over Yemen. Groups will kidnap people and demand ransom for freedom or else.

9.El Salvador
El Salvador has one of the highest homicide rates in the world, as well as extortion, assault and robbery. Armed gangs are to blame for many violent street crimes, arms and narcotics trafficking. ATM muggings and armed robberies at scenic viewpoint stops on the side of the road are common occurrences which should set off red flags in your mind not to visit this place. With all that said the majority of violent crimes happen between rival gangs but it’s just too easy to get stuck in the middle of gang war traveling across El Salvador. El Salvador is so dangerous that even going hiking requires one to bring a gun for protection.

8. North Korea
This country has in recent times has been testing bombs and missiles to exert their dominance in the world. While unsafe for anyone to visit, it’s basically a death sentence for American’s to go there. Kim Jong Un’s propaganda machine has some made up story about how the events of the Korean War unfolded which basically places 100% blame on the United States. Visitors to North Korea will be escorted by a guide who will show them only places that are allowed to be viewed. Venturing off on your own can and will most likely end up imprisonment in a work camp.

7. Venezuela
Medicine, water, food and electricity shortages lead to an angry population that went into survival mode. The crime rate in Venezuela is off the charts earning it the highest crime rate country in the world. Kidnappings, armed robbery, carjackings and of course murder are rampant everyday occurrences. Many governments around the world warn people to stay away from this country! Venezuela has the 2nd highest gun related deaths in the world at 59 for every 100,000 residents a year which is only bested by Honduras. Their streets are among the most dangerous to drive with 37 deaths per 100,000 residents.

6. Afgahnistan
Another country not advised to visit by many governments around the world, Afghanistan has issues with ongoing insurgency, terrorist attacks, high crime and kidnappings. Terrorist attacks are commonly executed in reputable public areas, kidnapping for ransom is a lucrative way criminals make money in Afghanistan.

5. Iraq
Rampant car bombings, endless war, Iraq is a good place to go to die. Many of the same problems engulf Iraq that Afghanistan has. Vehicle ambushes, mortar and rocket attacks all occur on a regular basis in Iraq even in the capital city of Baghdad.

4. South Sudan
This country is heavily divided with armed forces constantly trying to taken control of different regions from the government. Many areas outside the city are contested which has lead to attacks on vital oil installations. Rebels have been known to frequent the areas and kidnapp workers.

3. Somalia
Another country where visitors need bodyguards is Somalia. The streets are incredibly dangerous, living hidden away is the only way to reduce risk being within this country's limits.
Somali pirates a popular phrase known by many is not fictional.

2. Libya
Failed democracy lead to all hell breaking lose in Libya. Armed gangs have forced any remaining democratic government officials into exile in Tobruk, a small city on the east side of the country.

1. Syria
Everyone from a western country knows the term, Syrian refugee. The country falls victim to all forms of crime and terrorism by extremist groups. Populated public spaces such as malls, markets, promenades and restaurants are prime targets for these groups which has forced everyone to try to escape. Syria is overwhelmed with everything bad and nothing good, citizens are risking their lives in swarms trying to escape the borders.


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Top 10 Countries WHITE PEOPLE Shouldn't

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Check Out My Visit to the “HBCU Battle of the Brains”
My Tribe T.V · 5 Views