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WELCOME TO ANOTHER EPISODE OF FIRED UP FRIDAY!! Video Chapters: Please click the time stamp to see that particular subject.
00:00 Introduction
33:07 Knowledge of Self
34:00 Our ancestors came from Afrika birthplace of the Original Man & Woman.
36:11 We came from a strong African American Heritage because only the strongest made it to the Plantation.
38:12 We’re the creators of arts science, civilization, mathematics, reading & writing.
49:18 The language that we’re forced to speak isn’t our language. A strong desire and effort to learn African languages.
1:11:00 That we were forced to worship a God in a WS man’s image who’s image is the same of our oppressor. Thus, we seek knowledge of worshiping the God that our ancestor’s worshipped.
1:24:00 That we were told that we couldn’t read or write when in fact we were doing this hundreds of years prior to the transatlantic slavery.
1:27:00 That our slave names were giving as method of mind and body of continuous control that will last for thousands of years. PROPERTY. Thus, we change it officially, unofficially or hyphenate it with an Afrikan name.1:46:00 Our body, mind & spirit urges us to return to the Motherland. Thus, we make effort to at least visit. Every kidnapped or adopted child wants to see their BIRTH MOTHER.
1:54:00 We learned His-Story and not History in school.
2:12:00 That melanated skin is not a curse but a cure.
2:25:00 That my kinky hair are Power Fists.
2:37:00 We no longer fear the WS.
2:46:00 That many of our ancestors were Kings & Queens, teachers of humanity, Muslims, Moors, Hebrews and other Afrikan based faiths, religions and spirituality.
3:00:00 When we rise up before sun rises we’re not thinking about finding a job (better job), but owning businesses and implementing Group Economics. We’re no longer feeding the cotton gin.
3:34:00 Speaking a Slave Master’s language irritates us, because it casts shame on our ancestors. Thus, we desire to learn our African Languages.3:43:00 We stop in Slave food like pork. We don’t go to African Muslim countries searching for the hog.
3:47:00 Closing remarks
3:51:00 Peace & Blessings

What does it mean to be WOKE?? Are you still feeding the cotton gin or are you the owner of the cotton gin? If you're woke, stay woke and don't go back to sleep (coma).#Africa #Repat #Woke #Gambia #THCJoin this channel to get access to perks:

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