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Gym teacher accused of assaulting student over the Pledge of Allegiance

Lisa Cabrera
Lisa Cabrera - 64 Views
Published on 05 Feb 2018 / In History
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Derrick Mills
Derrick Mills 13 days ago

It’s time for them to bring in the boys in suits (lawyers) to press charges against the school for hiring someone so mentally unstable.

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Bon Bon
Bon Bon 13 days ago

I wish this Gym teacher was fired and that the agents can press charges on her too.

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BlackBeauty 13 days ago

If I was the parent of that kid I'd kick that teacher's ass all up and down the street and make her a 'pledge a allgiance' to my foot up her ass!! Fuck that flag and fuck that school and that teacher to putting that child through that nonsense.

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22429681 13 days ago

(Lita Michelle) Paid Leave??? It's mainly code words for "We aren't firing her,because she was right for what she did"

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