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Gym teacher accused of assaulting student over the Pledge of Allegiance

Lisa Cabrera
Published on 05 Feb 2018 / In History
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Derrick Mills
Derrick Mills 9 months ago

It’s time for them to bring in the boys in suits (lawyers) to press charges against the school for hiring someone so mentally unstable.

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Bon Bon
Bon Bon 9 months ago

I wish this Gym teacher was fired and that the agents can press charges on her too.

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BlackBeauty 9 months ago

If I was the parent of that kid I'd kick that teacher's ass all up and down the street and make her a 'pledge a allgiance' to my foot up her ass!! Fuck that flag and fuck that school and that teacher to putting that child through that nonsense.

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22429681 9 months ago

(Lita Michelle) Paid Leave??? It's mainly code words for "We aren't firing her,because she was right for what she did"

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