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#Tekken7 #TekkenWorldTourDestroying Jack-7's Rage Drive! + Bonuses!!

07 Jan 2020

•This video was made with the assumption you already mostly know how to use Armor King and have a basic understanding of how Tekken ????mechanics???? work and in need of a more edge in dealing with Jack-7.•

Inside the Video:

1: Beginning - ????Options for canceling Jack's rage Drive. (Some are expert level punishes with optional combos.)

2: 3:23 mark "12 Yolo HARD Combos" off of Armor Kings hidden spit????unblockable.
⏱Split second timing required!

(Thumbs up this video because I pretty sure I'm the very first person to figure out how to make this hidden move usable.)????????

3: 4:43 mark "????Unblockable ????Wake up Tech-traps"????

4: 5:08 "BONUS" My new favorite big damage wall carry combo!????

????Shout Outs are in the credits!



Tekken 7 is my GAME! PSN ID's are MBGGBM and Sherm-X69X and I am THE EATER OF NOOBS & NUBS!
????I also really like Soul Calibur VI ⚔, Street Fighter ????, & For Honor ????.
????I play for fun and the challenge to WIN!????

I also play demos and trial demos you can watch before you guy them because "A informed gamer is not just a great gamer but a wise one as well." - Sherm-X69X ????

Subscribe here & also at https://twitch.tv/shermx69x
so you won't miss when I stream live on Twitch.

Don't forget to ????⬆️ my vids if they've interested you.????????
THANKS FOR WATCHING AND I'LL SEE YOU ONLINE!???? -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/shermx69x

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