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TrillOne 10 months ago

Thnx for this!!

Elijah just got some light shined on him and his district for poppin' off about border security agents, but not having his house (district) clean either. Literally. Even my co-workers told me about B-More aka Bodymore. There is a link on animalplanet's website and B-More made the top 3 list for rodents (rats). I can leave the link if you want @TheTrueRoyalFamily.

Btw, about border security and Elijah, the reason why Elijah was caping for them illegals during that testimony that started all this is because he wants them votes. Them Dems keep them nasty, crappy district w/ us to live in them, but they will dump them illegal aliens them too right along side with us and they'll give us problems. Them illegals treat us like crap and less than human below the border and that's what them Dems wanna bring in the country. Elijah brought this on himself.

Lastly, how do we donate to the channel??

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TrillOne 10 months ago

@The True Royal Family : Will drop a lil something for you. Do you guys speak to Dawa as much??

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 10 months ago

BRAVO...BRAVO...BRAVO!!! You hit it out the park once again my sista.

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