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Message to Black People still using Facebook aka. Racebook/FedBook,Twitter,Instagram and Snapchat Be


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commonman80 3 years ago

I'm Indefinitely Suspended On Twitter Right Now.. LOLOLOL!!! I Wouldn't Allow Them Access To My Computer Files? So They Found A Reason To Suspend Me.. I've Been Suspended On FaceBook TWICE.. They Tried To Monitor My Computer By Going Into My Files.. But I Stopped Them And Cleaned Their "Bots" Out Of My Computer..

And? Haven't Been Back There In Almost 4 Months.. To Use Both? You'll Need A VPN Provider That Will Block Them From Your
IP Address.. Who They Trying To Play? LOLOLOLOL!!!

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Marcus W
Marcus W 3 years ago

Guess this means I need to give up IG.

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IHateYouTube 4 years ago

Facebook is the Devil...I don't have a profile and never will!

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TigerPaw1 4 years ago

Me too. Never used that sh_t!

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Team Spirit
Team Spirit 4 years ago

Good share brother

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Ann X
Ann X 4 years ago

I been saying that. It takes a village to raise a child

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