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State of Palestine: 'Al-Zawari Girls' launch incendiary balloons to Israel

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A Palestinian women’s group called 'al-Zawari girls' launched incendiary balloons destined to cross over to Israel from the Al-Bureij refugee camp on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

The women of Palestine formed the group 'al-Zawari girls' following the example of the 'Sons of al-Zawari' that have been active sending incendiary balloons and kites over to the Israeli side for the past months as a means of protest over the 11-year blockade imposed by Israel.

"We, al-Zawari girls, have a clear vision in this context; these balloons are a miracle in our age, in this creative and simple struggle to pass through the restrictions and to convey our clear message to the Zionist entity," said a member of the group.

Another member the group said: "we will stay on this path until we reach all our goals. The March of Return has goals and vision and we must achieve them."

The series of protests known as the 'March of Return' were launched along the Gaza-Israel border on March 30 to demand the right for people to return to their pre-1948 homes.

Israel has vowed to crack down on th indendiary balloons.

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