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CASTDOWN 8 months ago

It has already been stated the government & CDC & associated Doctors/Reserachers of Hospitals are behind the scenes in association with various so called vaccines that they claim citizens all over the world must have/need which was proven that they do not really do what is being told the recipients that there actually for but in reality these vaccines really have combinations of genetically modified organisms which are causing some people alzheimers', kidney disease, artistic children and the list goes on and a portion of your Doctors, Researchers & government have not intervened in implementing an act of cease to protect its citizens from this type or any type of covert operations; in fact this type of operation has been uncovered by people working in various fields some have been fired and they are planning to make these vaccines mandatory it has been mentioned and documented that they are evening using child welfare services or agencies under various other names that act in the manner of child youth services that are deliberately targeted to take children away from the parent if they meet the criteria for these children to end up ultimately dead we need to be focused more on these hospitals because it has also been stated that they have compliant participants who are participating in the cover up and have wards/floor(s) within the hospital(s) to carry out their research/experiments upon the children even at the extent of lying about your child's health and alleging that you as a parent are not taking proper care of your child to have the court intervene so that they can have custody of your child especially when you don't try to fight these people through the courts. There is more important things to focus on that many are not aware of: don't believe me watch the video:
This video is urgent to be heard: The MEdical Industry's Murder of a child for Pharmaceutical gain & profit:
This video is on youtube under the channel name:lancescurv

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