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Black Wimmenz Facing Charges b/c She Didn't Get Any Mouf

Gee Lowery
Gee Lowery
24 May 2019

#AnneishaSpeed of #BatonRouge Louisiana is facing serious jail time because she didn't get some loving.

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MemoGrafix 1 year ago

Stop it Stop it. There are plenty Black women that look "Mannish". And
about half of them are not homosexual. That's a female. She's not heavily make up nor is wearing slicked-down stringy-ass cave beast hair it's her OWN hair. I would personally think that's Young M.A's bi-sexual sister at 1st glance.
I've turned down oral sex on Men lots of times & 1 male have turned Me down it was not his thing. However it never got that serious on both sides. Not even an argument over refusal to do oral sex. DAAAAAYUM

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