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HIIT Hill Sprints & Avocado Smoothie Recipe | Everyday Beast

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
10 Nov 2018

Train and refuel like an Everyday Beast with an intense HIIT hill workout followed by an awesome whole-food post-workout recovery smoothie.
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What does it mean to be an Everyday Beast? It means you are not just a weekend warrior, you're a daily grinder. Even when there is no competition on the horizon, and no trophy to win, you're still at it.

An Everyday Beast trains hard and eats right each day of the week. Not because there's an end game, but because it's their life. Being a Beast is an everyday goal.

Last year, I started the Everyday Beast video series with a trio of my favorite recipes: the kicked-up breakfast scramble, the SBTZ turkey skillet, and the legendary cheddar gains burger. But now, I'm going to mix it up by combining intense workouts with physique-enhancing recipes.

Ready? Let's sweat, eat, and grow—the right way.

| Train Like A Beast |
Before you dive into this smoothie, it's time to earn it. I do my sprints on a hill I like to call Bertha, but you can do yours on your own hill, or on a set of stairs if that's all you've got. Sprint up, walk back. That's one set. But you're not even close to done.

| Hill Sprints Workout |
• Uphill Springs: 10 sets, 20-30 yards

This is high-intensity interval training, or "HIIT," so give it everything you've got on your sprints. Your only rest is the walk back to your starting point, which helps keep your heart rate up and burns more calories overall.

This type of intense training is what Everyday Beast is all about. You don't just wake up as the most resilient person in the world, you have to train yourself for that.

Hill sprints combine cardiovascular endurance with muscular strength and power, the perfect total-body training weapon in your fitness arsenal. Keep your body upright as you sprint, and avoid the temptation to lean forward from the hips or look down.

| Refuel With Real Foods |
As you watch the workout, you'll see me hit the hill hard, tearing myself down again and again. But I keep coming back for every set. That's tenacity.

When you push yourself through that type of stress, and when you put your body through these types of grueling workouts, you need something to refuel you. That's what the avocado recovery smoothie is all about

The avocado is the star of this smoothie. It's a great whole food not only for fats, but also a little of the protein and carbs you need after an intense HIIT workout. It's the perfect post-workout food, complete with a host of nutrients and loaded with healthy fats.
► Avocado Smoothie Recipe:

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