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The Honest Truth about Destiny Harrison and her Murder

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

She should of been prepared

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 2 months ago

Those thieving Negroes robbed the woman's shop of her goods, but there's something more sinister behind her murder and the savages who conspired to do it. ...And everything in my spiritual beings says the cops are involved it. If blacks did the hit, they were hired to do it. This is one of the KKKcops m.o.'s from way back, to murder independent black business owners. They fear any kind of black independence and that especially includes black business ownership. By that robbery happening previously, that the two dirty dealing Negroes committed and the police getting involved, gave them a perfect opportunity to take her out and make the public believe, it's only those thieving Negroes that had a vendetta against her. The news media means:
M-maniac E-European D-Devils I-In A-Action. Them along with their slave catchers AKA KKKcops, have been used to help the serpent people spread a web of lies and deception for centuries, that has cost millions of black people their lives. What we must realize as a people, that there's is nothing new under the sun and they are still doing the same thing today. They know they're clock is ticking, so they are doing it, even more today than they were back then.

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Enlightened1 2 months ago

OMG, this is just to much. This beautiful young woman,s life scuffed out over 3K dollars worth of Hair that i,m sure they did not get no more than $1000 for on the streets. I try not to even address such matters as this because it tears my heart out. The fact is that such matters as this violence among black people for economic gain is directly related to the inequity in this white man,s society. Our black people in Baltimore as in the rest of the country work and slave like animals for crumbs in the richest country on earth. How many Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs have our poor working black folk paid for this year with their Tax dollars going to the white man,s government in Washington D.C. you must ask yourself? The Baltimore Police like all Police in this country job is to protect property and business. Most black people i,m sure do not know that, but why were not the Police in Baltimore protecting the property and business of this young black woman? When Yvette and Antonio tell our black people that we need a body Politic and political protection to even engage business, many of us are clueless!

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