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???? StreetFighter V ~ Sherm-X69X [Vega] VS chvpter [Ken]????

21 Jan 2020

????Wow I forgot to edit & upload this last year ???? lol. The thing I enjoy most about StreeFighter is the spacing a.k.a. "footsies". This was a very fun match for me even though I know I kinda suck at SF these days. Anyway I hope you enjoy watching these unedited matches.????????



Tekken 7 is my GAME! PSN ID's are MBGGBM and Sherm-X69X and I am THE EATER OF NOOBS & NUBS!
????I also really like Soul Calibur VI ⚔, Street Fighter ????, & For Honor ????.
????I play for fun and the challenge to WIN!????

I also play demos and trial demos you can watch before you guy them because "A informed gamer is not just a great gamer but a wise one as well." - Sherm-X69X ????

Subscribe here & also at https://twitch.tv/shermx69x
so you won't miss when I stream live on Twitch.

Don't forget to ????⬆️ my vids if they've interested you.????????
THANKS FOR WATCHING AND I'LL SEE YOU ONLINE!???? -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/shermx69x

#StreetFighterV #Vega #Ken

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