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Mail Call Mondays Season 9 #30 - LPVO, Offset and Standard Red Dot Zero, BDC Reticles

13 Oct 2020

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Intro by: Jesse Mattson

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Host: John McQuay
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NoMincedWordsTV 8 months ago

I've been saying this for YEARS! I laugh at people who conceal carry and have truck rifles but, no ability/training to care for a trauma/MVA patient. You are just as much, if not more likely to save someone's life with medical knowledge than with a gun. I carry adult and pediatric BVMs, NPAs, and OPAs, as well as tourniquets and sufficient dressings to pack/stop a peripheral bleed. I also carry, a light, Kelley clamps, shears, tape, and normal saline. You may have the firepower to take down a mass shooter but that wont do you any good in the aftermath.

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