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Why Feminism Is A False Agenda

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Feminism has been the number 1 agenda that has cause destruction to the black community.

In this new lit vid, the Ayeee Twins discuss the false agenda of feminism. The feminist movement has been champion by black women for years which has led to nothing but destruction to the very foundation that has kept black people together: the black family.

The movement that is more for us black women is Africana Womanism, which focus on being family central instead of female central. Feminism wants you to think you are being oppressed by your black man when both of you are being oppressed by the same group of people.

The Ayeee Twins also discuss the slut walk, man and women equality, and how the feminist movement has turn the black woman against the black man.

Are we wrong about feminism? Is there anyone who can educate us on womanism? Let us know below....

For more info on Africana Womanism

Enjoy :)

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