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"Telling the truth for the youth" is the duty of journalists (ep15)

Supermike Fard
Supermike Fard
27 Oct 2019

Here it is our full interview with Pepe Escobar, the analyst for RT and Sputnik News who has many experiences dealing with Asia especially Middle East and he also has many articles about this region.
At the beginning of this episode, Pepe discusses Afganistan and the process that got him and his friend to Panjshir to interview Ahmad Shah Masoud. He tells us about Masoud and the fact that it was only him that was fighting with Takfiri groups while there existed an alliance among Pakistan ISI, Saudi Arabia, and the Taliban.
Then Pepe continues on with the assassination of Masoud some days after their interview and right before 9/11. He explains that the event was sort of first stage act before 9/11. He also declares how Masoud was killed by the two fake journalists and also his article "Get Osama Now! Or Else".
Then he mentions New Horizon conference at Beirut and the importance of having a publication and a think tank dedicated to dissident journalists to be together and to spread the facts. Pepe also believes that we need to talk to the young people and share the truth with them.
This Brazilian analyst also mentions Nader's Show among the programs that are spreading the truth and he believes these kind of shows must be more and more.


“Nader’s Show” is hosted by Iranian filmmaker and writer Nader Talebzadeh, who has produced programs for an Iranian audience including a vast number of interviews with the US dissidents and whistleblowers.
American government couldn't stand his voice of truth thus put sanctions on him to silent his voice, but Nader started a show to be the voice of the voiceless. Voice of the people who has been sanctioned either by governments or by the corporate media.
In "Nader's Show" he wants to go beyond the borders and let the voices be heard.





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